Chuck Morgue spent most of 2020 in quarantine, helping his loved ones and himself battle their Covid-19 infections. These Wretched Days, with songs inspired by a lifelong struggle with depression and fear of the unknown, wrapped in a love of geek and alt culture, is a celebration of cautious hope in an anxiety-ridden world. ThisContinue reading “THESE WRETCHED DAYS now available”

The Way Out Is Through: a survival story

“The Way Out Is Through: a survival story” By Chuck Morgue There is no denying that we are living in changing times. While organized activism has been paving the way for progress on everything from the climate crisis to voting rights to economic inequality, the #MeToo Movement, the Kavanaugh hearings, the Epstein and Weinstein cases,Continue reading “The Way Out Is Through: a survival story”

How To Save Free Speech And Our Louisiana Environment

How To Save Free Speech And Our Louisiana Environment Chuck Morgue, 09/06/2018 On August 1, 2018, a new state law targeting anti-pipeline protesters went into effect in Louisiana. The law declares pipelines and associated work equipment to be “critical infrastructure” along with water treatment plants and the power grid and makes trespassing on pipeline constructionContinue reading “How To Save Free Speech And Our Louisiana Environment”

How To Legalize Marijuana In Louisiana

How To Legalize Marijuana In Louisiana (And Accomplish Other Progressive Goals) Chuck Morgue, 08/26/2018 “They will never legalize marijuana, not in a million years.” I heard that a lot growing up. But despite those naysayers, I have been pleasantly surprised to watch as several states decriminalized marijuana, boosting their economies and putting to rest muchContinue reading “How To Legalize Marijuana In Louisiana”

The Twenty Year Frost

The Twenty Year Frost a short story by Chuck Morgue The pie is almost ready. The tender meat and herbs, a handful of root vegetables, it’s a recipe nearly as old as the family tree. Dozens of generations had passed this secret down, mothers teaching their daughters how to prepare this unique offering. Years wereContinue reading “The Twenty Year Frost”