Artist Statement

Art and creativity is my life. I have been an artist since the moment I held a pencil as a child. Art for me is catharsis. It is my way of helping to heal from personal traumas endured throughout my life. It is a refuge when depression and anxiety take over my thoughts. It is how I reminisce upon the things I loved as a kid, and how I praise the things I love as a much older kid. Creativity has always been first nature to me, and I know that if I didn’t get all this expressive mess out of my mind, I would surely spontaneously combust. My hope is that my art connects with other people in some visceral way, so we may begin to understand and empathize with one another. This is how I reach out to the world around me. This is how I reach out to myself.

“Cherry-Flavored Antacids”

12×24, acrylic, 2021

“Feral From The Very Start”

12×24, acrylic, 2021

“It Means Forever And That’s A Mighty Long Time”

12×24, acrylic, 2021

“It’s The Song I Hate, It’s The Song I Hate”

12×24, acrylic, 2021

“Don’t Wanna Be Taught To Be No Fool”

12×24, acrylic, 2021

“The Captain’s Sacrificial Lamb”

11×15, watercolor/ink, 2021


24×30, acrylic, 2020

“The Swamp Thing”

24×48, acrylic/watercolor, 2019

“Destroy All Monsters”

11×14, acrylic, 2021

“Friend Of All Children”

11×14, acrylic, 2021

“Long Live The King”

12×16, acrylic, 2021

“God Save The Queen”

12×16, acrylic, 2021


11×15, watercolor/ink, 2021


11×15, watercolor/ink, 2021


24×48, acrylic, 2020

“Can Of Worms”

12×24, acrylic/mixed media, 2020

“Amazing Fantasy”

22×28, acrylic, 2021

“Free Britney”

12×16, acrylic, 2020

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