This Is Not Art

This Is Not Art: An exhibition

I am honored to announce that my first art exhibition, This Is Not Art, will be running May 1-31, 2021 at Stellar Beans Coffee House, in downtown Lake Charles, Louisiana.

This exhibition is comprised mostly of pop culture inspired art, all of which is for sale at Stellar Beans. Any art that goes unsold will be made available online after the exhibition has been completed.

This is my first art exhibition, and I am equal parts excited and nervous. The anxiety is nearly unbearable. But hopefully this will only be the first of many art showcases to come.

I am encouraging everyone to visit Stellar Beans, get a cup and a tasty treat, and sneer at my poorly produced canvas messes before taking in the local sights of downtown Lake Charles.

Art featured in this exhibition:

“Cherry-Flavored Antacids”

12×24, acrylic, 2021, $300

“Feral From The Very Start”

12×24, acrylic, 2021, $300

“It Means Forever And That’s A Mighty Long Time”

12×24, acrylic, 2021, $300

“It’s The Song I Hate, It’s The Song I Hate”

12×24, acrylic, 2021, $300

“Don’t Wanna Be Taught To Be No Fool”

12×24, acrylic, 2021, $300

“The Captain’s Sacrificial Lamb”

11×15, watercolor/ink, 2021, $100


24×30, acrylic, 2020, $400

“Neon Barbarian”

24×30, acrylic, 2020, $400

“The Swamp Thing”

24×48, acrylic/watercolor, 2019, $750

“Destroy All Monsters”

11×14, acrylic, 2021, $150

“Friend Of All Children”

11×14, acrylic, 2021, $150

“Long Live The King”

12×16, acrylic, 2021, $150

“God Save The Queen”

12×16, acrylic, 2021, $150


11×15, watercolor/ink, 2021, $80


11×15, watercolor/ink, 2021, $80


24×48, acrylic, 2020, $750

“Can Of Worms”

12×24, acrylic/mixed media, 2020, $1312 (SALE PENDING)

“Amazing Fantasy”

22×28, acrylic, 2021, $200

“The 4th Pattern”

12×16, acrylic, 2021, $200

“Free Britney”

12×16, acrylic, 2020, $200

This exhibition will run throughout the month of May. Please visit Stellar Beans’ website for their business hours and to check out their delicious menu:

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